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Saturday, December 13 2014

5 Tips to Transform Your Living Room like a Pro

It may sound impossible for you, but you can be your own professional interior decorator if you know how. Although there are lots of rooms in the house to change or transform, you should start from one of the most important rooms: the living room. The living room isn’t only the place to entertain guests, but it is also a place to gather around or hang out. Sometimes a living room also functions as the family room, if you have limited space at home. With so many different usages and functions of a living room, it is quite understandable if you want to do the best for your living room decor.


You don’t actually have to be a professional decorator to create stylish and good looking result. By simply understanding the basic concept and knowledge of interior décor, you can transform your living room into a stylish spot that isn’t only refreshing but also attractive. For a starter, to transform your living room without having to spend a fortune, you can start from the color. Colors play very important role in changing the atmosphere of a room; whether you want to deliver warm, elegant, cheerful, or homey feel. Here are some of the basic color ideas and arrangements that you can try for your living room:

Green. Green is refreshing, but it depends greatly on the hue and depth. For instance, pale, light, or pastel green can deliver fresh and adorable setting, while darker green can deliver more elegant and classier atmosphere.

Blue. Blue is always nice and exciting. Pale and pastel blue is fun, calming, and soothing, while darker blue is more elegant and even royal.

Pink. Pink is always adorable and cute. Light pale pink is good for classic atmosphere, while bolder pink is playful and whimsical.

Grey. Light grey is masculine, especially if you combine it with darker hue. Darker grey is more elegant and royal.

Moreover, the clever and proper color arrangement can create impressive palette in the end. As long as you can combine the colors you choose with neutral tones for accents, the end result will be smashing without you have to overdo it. It is okay to combine different colors, but make sure that each color comes with special arrangement. Even if you decide to combine two, three, or four colors within the same room, you always have to come up with exact planning: which one you will use as the main color, which one is the supportive hue, and which one is for accents.

Second, since the living room is the focus of public display – it is the place where you entertain guests – extra efforts needs to be done. To avoid boredom and plainness, finish accents and patterns for the wall and also ceiling. You should choose patterns or textures that fit your personality and characteristic. If you want to use wallpaper, that’s fine. Most homeowners don’t really think about decorating the ceilings, but if you want to create something different, focus on the ceiling decor. You don’t have to pick intricate or complicated textures or patterns; as long as you choose a certain pattern that pops, you are good to go.


Third, focus on architectural trim work and add special characteristic to it. Trim work is generally done to cover spots where ceilings and walls meet, or where walls and floors meet. Not all homeowners understand that trim work isn’t only designed to cover the spots, but as aesthetic element too. Although they may not be directly visible, you can actually deliver regional, contemporary, classic, or vintage look through them. You can consider tweaking the spots. Having a deep cornice, for example, having beamed or paneled vault ceiling, or installing lintels on the windows and door, will definitely deliver unique feel and improve your living room, despite the fact that they hidden and not always noticeable.

Fourth, if you want to create fashionable statement without having to spend a lot of money or without having to install these or that, you can always choose stylish and vibrant flooring, and yet comfy and cozy. Don’t be afraid to go bold or daring; who says you can’t create stylish flooring focal point? You can choose wall to wall soft carpet or furry rugs. You can choose using either plain rugs without patterns but with attractive and bold colors, or having rugs with unique patterns or even shapes. If you don’t really like having too bold covering, you can always go with the elegant and classy rugs or carpets. You can also use bare flooring, as long as it has unique element. Hardwood floor with either elegant dark or light colors can be a great option. If you want to combine it with area rugs, feel free to do so. You can also enhance and show off other elements for your flooring – in case you don’t want to use floor cover at all. You can have stone tiles, ceramic tiles, or even marble options. They may not be the general options, but it won’t hurt to try.


The last, you should always create your own focal point. In case you already have a fireplace in the living room, you only need to focus on its home decor ideas so it will be more pronounced and enhanced; after all, fireplace represents hominess and warmth inside a house. But even if you have a fireplace and you want to create different focal points, it is possible to do so. You don’t always have to go with bigger stuffs or grandeur work. Simply choose something unique and unconventional; from the terms of shapes, themes, or colors. For instance, if you have an all green living room, having a fuchsia armchair will certainly create a direct and obvious focal point. Or if you have a plain, without-pattern room theme, having geometric patterns for the cushions and the sofa will be definitely create a ‘shocking’ effect.

Those are the simple ways of how to improve the look of your living room without too much fuss. And the great thing about them is that they are affordable and cost friendly, so you won’t have to hurt your financials.

Monday, December 8 2014

Modern Concept as Your Perfect Home Design

Let me start by asking you a question. Do you know what it means by modern home design? Many people think that modern concept means designing your house based on nowadays trends. It is actually a wrong explanation about modern concept because that explanation is the explanation for contemporary concept. If that so, what is actually the definition of modern concept? Actually, the word “modern” here means that you use Mid Century Modern era to decorate your house.

Now that you have already got the basic knowledge about this modern concept, I will continue with the next information. Here are some of the important things about modern home design you should know. So, take a good look these points.


Very Old Concept If you think that this concept is very up to date yet very nowadays’ style, then you need to take a look at this explanation very carefully. As I mentioned before, “modern” means mid century modern. So, do you know what year it was? It was begun in the late 1800s. So, it is actually very old concept. But, do not worry because it lasts beautifully until now. You will have the classic feeling when choosing this concept to complement the look of your house.

Using Natural Materials The next thing you need to know is that modern concept mostly uses natural materials to decorate the interior of the house. The natural materials used are usually wood, leather, teak or linen. Some people may also choose to use plastic or molded plywood. It is not a big problem actually.

White Walls One of the characteristics of modern home design is its wall that usually is painted in white. White gives elegant and luxurious look at the same time. That is why it is one of the points of modern concept house.

Bare Floors Most of houses with modern concept have bare floors. If they put area rugs, they will use wool that is in neutral color. Different from the contemporary design, this modern design requires not many colors to be used in the house.


Strict in Following the Rules This concept has some strict rules that should be followed strictly such as the white walls or the bare floors. You need to follow those rules if you really want to have modern concept as your home design.

Clean Interiors This modern concept is very popular for its clean interior. It is in line with the idea that you need to paint your house wall in white and why you need to make bare floors. Because it has to be clean, that is why you need to choose some bright colors in decorating the house.

The Furniture In modern style, some of the furniture is made in exposed legs. Another characteristic of modern design furniture is that they are mostly made of glass. Glass furniture looks very luxurious. That is why people use it to beautify the room. With the glass furniture, your house will be able to survive in any era without looks old.

How to Create A Heavenly Living Room

Your living-room will be the heart of your home sweet home. It’s where your family should share their dreams, concerns and everything else with you. It’s also the spot where you lie on the sofa, drinking a cup of tea, escaping from your stress. In other words, everybody would really want to create a heavenly living-room. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to be an expert in this field. To tell you the truth, you don’t have to take a design interior or an architecture course for this purpose. Here are some magic tricks you can easily learn.


Size Matters You should decide the size of your living-room based on how many family members will sit there, their ages and what activities they will do. If you have a toddler who loves playing LEGO and you need a working space in the living-room, for example, you may want to design a bigger living-room. Your working space requires a desk, chair and perhaps a printer and fax machine. At the same time, you don’t want it to be too large either since it would be hard to chase your toddler around the living-room. If you have teenage children, you need to know they require privacy. Teenage girls and boys no longer fancy sitting too close to their family members. If it is what you are going to deal with, you should also plan a more spacious living-room.


The Surrounding Areas Will it be relaxing to have a noisy surrounding, such as the sound from the kitchen or street while you are online or listening to your partner? As your living-room should be your heaven, you want the surrounding areas to be relaxing. Perhaps, having a living-room facing a garden will be peaceful. If the garden has lights, you can have a romantic time with your partner by enjoying the scenery from the living-room in the evening. Will it be fine to have a toilet by the living-room? It could be a good idea not to, as the smell from the toilet will possibly ruin the fun you are sharing. Remember, you will want to have a cup of hot chocolate and a package of biscuits in your living-room. Yes, the surrounding areas might have been forgotten as people tended to focus on the inside part of the living-room, but these areas cause dramatic effects.

Magic Colours Colours have energy, as some people have said. Whether you want to believe it or not, they have impacts on your emotions. Red is a spooky colour, so it suits a Halloween party. As a result, it may be inappropriate for your living-room. Some people believe purple may cause you a sad feeling if you stay in a purple room for too long. What colours bring peace? Light green, light brown or beige are very cool to create a better mood. You may combine two colours on your walls as well, as long as one suits another one.

Saturday, December 6 2014

A Mini Waterfall in Your Garden to Help You Relax

If your house is big enough, it would be much better if you have a garden inside or outside your house. Garden will be the one of the most important places in your house. The existing of the garden can make your house look more beautiful, as well as make it fresh and harmonious. You can also you relax yourself there once you feel weary. The green color from the leaves will make you feel like finding a peace so that you can forget your burdens for a while. Your garden will be much more pleasant if you complete it with a mini waterfall there. A_Mini_Waterfall_in_Your_Garden_to_Help_You_Relax.jpg

The mini waterfall, which is placed in your garden, will give additional fresh impression. The existence of the water will make your garden look cozier. It will be so much better if you design the waterfall in the best way. there are many designs of a mini waterfall to apply; you just need to select the design which you consider to be suitable with your garden and house design. A good waterfall is the one which is designed in the natural way, especially with the pool surrounding the waterfall. it will make you really come back to the nature. There is also a garden that is more suitable with the waterfall which is given modern touch. One of the ways to design the waterfall in modern way is by placing an imitation of piano in the middle of the pool.

The waterfall itself flows from an artificial piano. This imitation of the piano is placed in the middle of the pool. There is a sentence that is written in the piano “there’s music in the piano, if you stop listen”. The words that are written in the piano are aimed to make us listen to the natural music which is produced by the sound of water. You just need to stop listening to the crowd of the world and come to the nature. The sound of the falling water is peaceful and able to make us feel relax. A_Mini_Waterfall_in_Your_Garden_to_Help_You_Relax1.jpg

To design this waterfall, you need to build a pool, which imitates a river. To make it look real, you also have to put some big rocks along the pool, especially on the bank of the pool. The existence of some plants will make the waterfall and the pool look more beautiful and peaceful. Some small casuarina trees, orchid, ferns, and other kinds of flowers can be planted in along the bank of pool, which is close to the waterfall. Then, some grass and small rivers can be planted in the across side of the waterfall as well. on the ground of the waterfall, you can place many small beige-colored stones. Those stones add the natural impression of the garden. If you feel weary, you can sit on one of the rocks, seeing the beautiful flowers and fresh leaves around the garden while listening to the sound of water falling. This way will help you to release the stress and burden in your mind.